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Lap Siding

Product Specifications

Basic Composition/Size
Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber, select additives and water. Hardiplank contains no asbestos, fiberglass or formaldehyde.

Thickness: 5/16"
Weight: 2.3 lbs./sq.ft.
Smooth and Cedarmill
6 1/4" (5" exposure)
8 1/4" (7" exposure)
9 1/2" (8 1/4" exposure)
12" (10 3/4" exposure)
Colonial Smooth and Colonial Roughsawn
8" (6 3/4" exposure)
Beaded Smooth and Beaded Cedarmill
5/8" Bead
8 1/4" (7" exposure)
All Lengths: 12'

Hardiplank lap siding is recognized as exterior claddings in National Evaluation Service (NES), Inc., Report No. NER-405 (BOCA, ICBO, SBCC8); City of Los Angeles, Research Report No. 24862; Texas Department of Insurance; United States Department of Housing and Urban Development; and City of New York MEA No. 223-93-M. These documents should also be for additional information concerning the suitability of this product for specific applications.

James Hardie fiber-cement building products are autoclaved, will not rot and resist permanent damage from water and salt spray.

Flexural Strength
Typical based on Equilibrium Moisture Content in accordance with ASTM test method C1185.
Along direction of sheet: 1850 psi
Across direction of sheet: 2500 psi

Hardiplank siding is non-combustible and shows no flame support or loss of integrity when tested in accordance with ASTM test method E-136.

Surface Burning Capabilities
When tested in accordance with ASTM test method E-84:
Flame spread: 0
Fuel Contributed: 0
Smoke Developed: 5

Thermal Resistance
(Approximate values)
5/16" thick: R = 0.15
*Refer to National Evaluation Service Report No. NER 405.

The NER-405 report can be downloaded in Adobe's PDF form at: http://www.jameshardie.com/ner.htm 

Finishing With Paint

Finish the job by painting Hardiplank with a high quality, exterior grade, 100% acrylic latex paint which may be sprayed, rolled or brush applied. Hardie sidings have excellent paint retention qualities that will keep your siding looking great well after other sidings need repainting. But remember, paint performance is dependent upon the quality of paint applied and the conditions under which it is applied. Always follow the paint manufacturer's written recommendations for application and maintenance of field applied paints.

Surface Textures

Hardiplank lap siding is available in a variety of textures: Smooth, Cedarmill, Colonial Smooth and Colonial Roughsawn. Smooth shows a smooth surface. Cedarmill offers a knotless timber-grain appearance. Colonial Smooth has a smooth-sanded appearance, with a channel lap shadow line. Colonial Roughsawn offers a timber-grain appearance, with a smooth channel lap shadow line.

50-Year Warranty

James Hardie exterior siding products are protected by a 50-Year Limited, Transferable, Product Warranty. Copies are available wherever James Hardie products are sold or from James Hardie Building Products.

The above information is based on information provided at http://www.jameshardie.com/usahome.htm and printed publications produced by James Hardie Building Products.