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Frequently Asked Questions about Louisiana Pacific (LP) Siding.

The following information is based on information provided at http://www.lpsidingclaims.com/ and printed publications about the LP Class Action Settlement.

What is Louisiana Pacific Inner Seal siding?
It is a wood chip composite exterior siding sold from 1985 to the present.  It was manufactured in both lap style and 4X8 panel (T1-11).

How can I find out if I have Louisiana Pacific Inner Seal siding?
  • On the back of LP siding there will be a printed name or tag.
  • LP Siding has a "signature knot" design which is found on both lap and panel styles.

LP Siding Signature Knot

How do I know if my siding is damaged?

More advanced stages of damage will show rot and mushroom growth.  However in most cases the damage hasn't reached such a severe point and shows up in several of the following forms.

  • Swelling at the bottom of the lap or panel where can water hang before dropping.
  • Delimitation of the face from the rest of the board.
  • Cracks under the drip edge of the board. 
  • Warping of the siding. 
  • Discolored spots that look like a clear oil that has soaked in on the surface of the siding. 

For which years does the class action law suit cover?

Only siding installed between the mid 1980's and January 1, 1996 is covered under the class action lawsuit. If you have LP siding bought after January 1, 1996 that has failed, please refer to your warranty.

Who do I call to get into the class action law suit?

The number to request a class action claim information packet is 1-888-820-0325.  The automated service is provided by the company employed to handle the class action law suit.

What are some of the problems associated with replacing my LP siding?
NEVER go over the top of the LP Lap or Panel siding as the damage under it is unknown!  It is recommend that parts of the old vapor barrier be removed when you tear off the old siding so you can inspect the sub-sheathing for fungal degradation. Water may have infiltrated behind the siding through nail holes, corners, and seams and has rotted sections of the sub-sheathing which will need to be repaired before installing new siding.  Also in some cases a fungicide may need to be applied to the sub-sheathing to kill any fungus spores that might be present when you put new siding on. In addition applying a sealant to the bottom edge of the sub-sheathing will help to prevent rot from water splash-back when it rains. 

How much money will I get to replace my damaged siding?
The amount of money received varies by type the type of siding used (lap or panel), age, extent of damage, and total amount of siding on the home. You should receive about half to a third of the replacement cost depending on how much devaluation has occurred upon your warranty.

When can I expect to get my money from LP?
It can take up to 3+ years to receive your money from the time you submit your claim.

Will LP run out of money? 

LP is obligated to pay a minimum of $275 million over the seven year period of the Settlement  Of that amount only $80 million remains which will be paid out in installments of $30 million, $20 million, $15 million and $15 million. These installments are required to be funded in June 1999, June 2000, June 2001 and June 2002, respectively. In addition LP has two optional contributions of $50 million, they can make in August 2001 and August 2002. 

However, in Spring 1998, it became apparent that the pace of claims received exceeded the annual funding obligations of LP under the Settlement Agreement and an Early Payment Program and a Second Settlement Fund were developed.  However participation in this new program is voluntary.

The above information is based on information provided at http://www.lpsidingclaims.com/ and printed publications about the LP Class Action Settlement.