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Replacing Louisiana Pacific (LP) Siding

Many homes in the Northwest have Louisiana Pacific siding that has failed and is in need of replacement. However do not repair or replace your siding until you have it inspected by Crawford & Co. (the court appointed independent inspection company) or you will not receive any compensation from the class action lawsuit, regardless of whether you have had it independently inspected or not.

It's important to get your home inspected as soon as possible as the class action lawsuit settlement is prorated. Therefore the longer you wait the less money you will likely receive from LP as a result. In most cases people can expect to receive about half of the cost to replace the siding and it can take up to two years for you to actually get compensation from LP.

Once you have received your check and are ready to replace your siding, remember that it will be necessary to REMOVE the old LP siding to see the full extent of the damage. Please see the FAQ's for more information.